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Case study from a very industrious BDM down south

Jul 20, 2018

The client in this instance was a privately owned entity very well established in the health industry.

This was a very prolonged sales cycle as can be the norm with bigger deals, the BDM during the 18 month cycle ensured engagement across all management levels within the business, in particular with the IT manager as the key influencer for this decision.

The CIO and IT Manager were adamant that they wanted to transition to a soft phone solution and that the business did not require a new phone system, they simply wanted to replace the couple of broken handsets and add in a conference unit. The current phone system was just over 6 years old, the business required a handful of new handsets and a conference unit, other than that it was meeting their current needs.  To move to a cost per seat operational expenditure model had already been agreed to by the board and this was to happen over the next 2 year period.

Quite clearly a conversation around full replacement was not going to help in the BDM’s proposal to secure some of this new business. The second obstacle was that the CIO was the signatory and authorised representative on all Technology decisions, but the other financier would only accept a signatory from the listed director.

The BDM engaged the Loanezi team and brainstormed the solution together, which resulted in an innovative alternative proposal whereby the main PABX and all licensing would be replaced, paving the way for the clients planned transition to soft phone technology. The alternative proposal did not include any phone system upgrades but addressed the requirement for the replacement handsets and a new conference unit, utilising existing equipment where possible.

Loanezi ensured special approval with the lender for the CIO to sign on behalf of the business as authorised signatory and also negated the requirement for a guarantor.

The client was really pleased that the BDM supported their planned strategy and the BDM won the deal, a full eighteen months after the first negotiations started.


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