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Mar 4, 2020


I believe overcoming challenges requires one key attribute and that is resilience. Resilience to me is simply getting up one more time than what you get knocked down.


I feel we all have a level of resilience, but it is something you can nurture into a powerful tool that makes you unstoppable. I grew up in South Africa, a country rife with controversy and turmoil. Political unrest promoted a sense of unease and urgency in the nation and all of this helps manifest into building stronger individuals. Anyone who has done business with a South African will attest to this seemly inherited similarity.


Being teased at school for wearing glasses through my primary years was dreadful, but in hindsight for me it was a valuable learning curve. It taught me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and to be strong in the face of confrontation. I really got to know myself and the power of my choices and I emerged as an adult who knew who “Renee” was.


More recently my resilience has been greatly tested, let nobody convince you that the life of an entrepreneur is easy, it is difficult, it’s exhausting and it is certainly not for the faint hearted.


On the week of International Women’s Day 2020 I feel grateful that in my small way I have a platform through my business and CAFBA, to impact on the global goal of equality. I reflect in gratitude for all the strong women in my life, and the many courageous role models who have impacted myself and so many others. I also recognise and want to celebrate the shift towards fairness, because this makes me hopeful that my daughters generation may have opportunities within a continuously improving culture where there will be no glass ceilings for females to achieve and succeed.


But in any world, and for any gender and any cultural background we all need to be resilient, because life is glorious, but it is hard.


So in summary, I guess I overcome challenges simply by soldiering on. Even the smallest step in the right direction may end up being the biggest step of your life!


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