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Jul 20, 2018

Countless businesses in Australia are sprouted from a founder who is a risk taker at heart, an entrepreneur, and no one loves trends and technology more than a creative.

Many bold and innovative trends are influencing decision making throughout Australia and the world.  What drives major companies may at times vary greatly from trends that will impact smaller businesses.  Many of these trends in the fledgling phase of impact include hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as the preferred currency.

The four trends we will explore below have already taken powerful root within the SME space.

1. We are at the start of an enterprise renaissance where companies (and people) are hungry for a simple way to do work.

   Business owners, employees and customers are thinking and acting differently and have different expectations. They want things to work like their favourite apps do. Enterprise software is also starting to mimic consumer apps and ultimately reshape the role of IT and the processes it manages to support employees.

2. Enterprise mobility and information on the go are becoming synonymous.

  Mobility has become a synonym for productivity regardless of the workplace. This year will see an ever increasing rise in employee apps, making it possible for most employees to carry their work and information with them.  CRM and App development is certainly a hot topic, and something you should have enough knowledge about so that you are able to hold a good conversation should your client asks you for recommendations as their Tech expert. 

3. Customers want to do business with companies that match their beliefs and values.

 With a more plugged-in understanding of human nature, companies are not only creating a happier and more productive culture: they are benefiting from empowered employees, leading to an internal resurgence that yields new and innovative products, services and processes.

4.  Networking One On One

Your smartphone might make you think that people prefer social media vs. in-person interactions. However, true long-term brand loyalty needs real people interaction. Nothing drives strong business better than in-person and live interactions. Even live video engages better than recorded video. Just look at the popularity of Facebook Live.  This is why great community events like networking and business breakfasts are certainly rising in popularity as people hunger for more face to face interactions. We are instrumental in assisting our clients to develop more effective approaches to communication.  Maybe a networking event at your office could be another great way for you to add value to your client relationships?


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