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May 31, 2017

Networking is not a one hit wonder solution that mechanically sends clients to you with the flash of your business card. Social perception and modern marketing all play obvious and softer subliminal roles in a person’s networking efficacy.


Random compulsive distribution of your business card to every single person you meet is not a positive strategy, in fact, it is more likely to achieve the exact opposite and turn people away. By applying some basic strategies around your networking, you will firstly learn to appreciate that making business networking meetings an important part of your weekly planning is a must do, plus you will grasp that being more discerning about who you hand your card out to can work in your favour.


Networking can be the most powerful tool in your promotional toolbox. To give yourself the best chance however, it is essential that you are prepared in all ways that matter most. Having a groovy looking business card is one thing, but let’s face it in today’s world the first thing people will do is type in your website address and check it out. If they are then faced with a sloppy looking website or a LinkedIn profile summary that’s half completed and outdated, your networking efforts could subsequently be in vain.


A cohesive online marketing strategy with imagery and branding that reflects your professional image and the business brand accurately is more important than ever before. Equally as important is preparation and planning, knowing your own strengths, your business and career goals and being able to articulate those with simplicity and confidence.


When updating and reshaping your social media sites or websites and business plan, keep in mind that it is not so much about the depth and complexity of the strategy, but more about the detail, foresight and accuracy.


Here are my top tips for fruitful networking.


 Your brand

Stand out from the crowd with originality and always match the tone of your image with the caliber of businesses and clients you want to do business with now and in the future.


Industry expertise

Focus on your goals, and proudly display your achievements. Aussies are fairly relaxed and open to giving newcomers a go, but consumers do have a subconscious preference to do business with successful industry experts.


Listen to people 

Networking is not all about you telling them what you do, but more about hearing what they need and seeing if you, or someone you know could be of benefit to them.



Recommend your network to your network – There is no greater relationship tool than cross referral in business!


Master your elevator pitch

Always be ready to briefly explain in layman’s terms who you are and what you do in 60 seconds or less. Remember to practice your pitch to make sure it sounds as natural as possible.


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