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Jun 12, 2017
The everyday hot dog sums it up perfectly for me.

Let me explain. The hot dog is perhaps the most well known and eaten global fast food spanning nations, cultures, countries, and generations. Possibly in tight competition to the kebab if you have ever exited a night club in the early hours in most Western nightclub districts, especially Surfers Paradise.


What’s interesting is that according to the sausage encyclopedia, the Frankfurter was first created in the late 1650s and although popular it had far to travel to reach the popularity of today. Food creditors credit a sausage vendor named Antonine Feuchtwanger for first serving the sausage in a bun in 1870.
The humble frankfurter or Vienna sausage as it is also known was ‘pioneered’ on a bread roll by a very industrious innovator by the name of Nathan Handwerker who opens the first ever hot dog shop – Nathan’s Hot Dogs in 1916, and the rest is history.


Innovation is taking things to the next level, often this requires the smallest of tweaking, not necessarily a major creation, evolution or invention. The sausage was traveling across thousands of dinner plates all over the world for over 200 years before someone placed it in a bun and most probably invented the fast food phenomenon of which the hotdog is still one of the most well known and popular choices.


So the motto of this story? Think small, dream big and don’t be fearful of trying something different. Visit our website to see how we are different from our competitors.


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