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Apr 19, 2017

I am a third of the way through the accelerated leadership program, and I am increasingly grateful to have been selected to partake in this program with each passing session. I have the opportunity to collaborate and brain storm with an incredibly exciting group of woman from an array of diverse industries, experience and executive levels.  The quality and experience of the educators and the support staff thus far has been remarkable, I would recommend this program very highly.


This workshop has lead to a personal epiphany for me regarding the fundamentals of leadership.  The fundamental shift for me was to consider what true leadership meant to me, and to others.  I absolutely loved the TED talk and video about followers, and how the first followers are true leaders incognito.


The Accelerated leadership program has been filled with moments of self-reflection, and personal growth. I realised that I needed to challenge belief systems that no longer serve me or that I have outgrown.  I understand better that my enthusiasm and passion can transform into emotions easily, and that I have a tendency to possible knee-jerk reactions fuelled by emotions when confronted with unexpected challenges.  I just need to be very aware of this reaction, and logically allow myself to sit and strategise or even brainstorm with some of my peers to find a practical solution around it. I also realise that reactions don’t necessarily have to be immediate, taking time to reflect and really think through my actions before responding will allow me to retain and stay in control and I now respond to a situation rather than reacting to it.


The inward reflection on my communication style has also been a game changer.  I can plan and control my message and communication style to help me achieve my desired outcomes.  I feel more empowered knowing that the same core message can be tailored to meet the audience, and by fine-tuning and planning my communication I can have maximum impact.


The biggest shift the program has created in me is that I want to be a ‘VIIS’ leader, not a manager in the traditional view.  I have coined this acronym ‘VIIS’ as a reminder of the characteristics I want to see in myself: Visionary, Insightful, Influential, Inspirational and Strategic.


My roadmap to success thus far based on the leadership course:

  1. Support my followers to the hills!
  2. Respond, don’t React
  3. Be a VIIS Leader





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