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Sep 6, 2017

Sometimes, it really comes down to expanding your horizons before you uncover new opportunities.


Firstly, what is Beepo?

Beepo is an Australian-owned Outsourcing firm that provides its clients with the opportunity to Offshore projects and tasks to a highly skilled team in the Philippines; assisting those businesses build capability, capacity and transformational growth. I am the founder and CEO.


Spotting Opportunity and Starting Beepo

I didn’t go to the Philippines thinking that I would start an outsourcing company. At the time, I owned a Marketing Agency which I’d successfully grown for over six years prior and was beginning to feel market forces swing against me. I was seeing increased competition in my market, which meant customers were straying and wanting more for less.

I knew that if this continued, my successful agency would really start struggling; so I needed to act.

One of my colleagues suggested I try and delegate certain tasks overseas, which I immediately dismissed as I was too concerned about quality of work. The risks seemed too high. However, I am thankful that I was eventually forced to reconsider that option again two years later, and went to the Philippines to explore the opportunity of working with remote talent.

I was so impressed with what I found. The quality of the talent was so far beyond my expectations I had to build Beepo to facilitate access to global talent for other businesses like my marketing agency. I found the combination of business innovation and offshore staff was such an effective means to finding a competitive advantage in what was continually becoming a more and more constrained marketplace.


From Personal Experience To Inspiration

Having had my marketing agency at the time of starting Beepo placed me in a personally fulfilling position where I could expertly guide Beepo clients through the challenges of offshoring, because I had already done that myself.

The advantages that offshoring offered my agency, which I now offer to others, was mainly the ability to increase headcount at a fraction of the cost. It freed up my Australian team to work on higher value projects which increased their job satisfaction exponentially. In addition, we also had peace of mind knowing that we were being supported by an amazing team offshore, which included graphic design, administration and bookkeeping staff. The increased capacity also came at a lower cost to my business; savings which I passed onto my customers thereby providing me with the competitive advantage I need at the time.

I quickly realised that once we freed up my Australian staff to be able to provide more value to the business, that’s exactly what happened. Suddenly, my finance team were working on pricing new products and expanding our offering, rather than doing basic accounting every day. And it didn’t stop there. I started to notice my Australian team working on business improvement strategies through the entire business from operations, design, administration, to reporting and a whole other host of areas.


It was so successful within my own agency that I couldn’t wait to show other businesses that they could do it too; and now, here we are!

Once I saw the impact of what was happening in my own business, it was an easy step to build Beepo, an offshoring provider who truly helps others leverage the transformational benefits of outsourcing to The Philippines.

It goes to show that, as business people, we need to be constantly looking at what is happening around us, outside of our industry and marketplace to uncover opportunities for innovation in our own business.


About Aimee Engelmann

Aimee Engelmann is the Founder and CEO of Beepo and Outsource Heroes. A successful entrepreneur, Aimee has a passion for helping Australian businesses build more profitable and sustainable operations. You can find Aimee on LinkedIn, About Me and Google+


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