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Jul 14, 2020















Sometimes in life your dream is just a dream. But no dream explored is ever a waste of time. A dream undiscovered is a regret. Be fearless in the pursuit of your passion. Passion is the feeling God gave us to show us what He wants us to do. I am often afraid, but I choose to do it anyway, when I know the calling I am chasing is from a place of passion and God sent.
Enjoy exploring opportunities, and don’t worry if you start the journey with a 100 people, and it ends up being just you. Sometimes people are there for a season, or just for a reason, but not always for the whole ride. We all have different desires, different journeys, and that is ok.


We start and end our life with a breath, and with ourselves. Being comfortable in your own shoes is the most valuable thing to learn, and most will never get there. Enjoy your natural gifts, be compassionate towards yourself for your shortcomings, and just enjoy the ride.


If a dream is burning in your heart, it should be chased down until it flames into a magnificent bonfire, or if it burns to the floor, just make sure you look over your shoulder not to miss the unimaginable lessons that will let you rise like the phoenix!


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